the YOUNG and the don’t be RESTLESS

23 Apr

Sometimes the church has made out that “RELEVANT” is a dirty word.
It has been interpreted as watering-down and pleasing-man.

relevant |ˈreləvənt| =

“closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand :”

When the ‘matter at hand’ is seeing a generation come to Christ, to be discipled and go on to disciple others, than relevancy is highly appropriate and important.

Why is it so important to focus on the younger generation?Why should our music be modern and appeal to youth? Why must we expound and extrapolate the scriptures using modern day movies and theatrics? Why must we intentionally capture the attention and hearts of the younger generation?

Shouldn’t raw Bible teaching be enough?

If ‘bare’ teaching of the scripture was the best form of reaching a generation, Jesus wouldn’t have taught so regularly using parables.

Parables made The message relevant to the ‘common’ man from his generation, right through to ours.

My investigation into statistics tells me that in 2010, 33.5% of Australia’s population was under 24 years of age!

And 48.5% of the population was under 35 years of age.

If we have not captured their hearts for Christ by then, the mission to do so is drastically more challenging, along with greater fallout in people’s lives.

“Relevant = ORIGIN early 16th cent. (as a Scots legal term meaning [legally pertinent] ): from medieval Latin relevant- ‘raising up,’from Latin relevare.”

It is pertinent that we do whatever it takes to reach this generation for Christ, forgetting our own traditions and preferences.

I just spent two days in a Youth Alive conference listening to some of the most anointed and scripture-based preaching in the world today.

I witnessed 1000 high-school-aged students sit in session after session, paying undivided attention and worshipping God.

(some adults struggle to do that in our churches) Let the young BE young and don’t be restless.
Now that’s “raising up” a generation, and that’s relevant.

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