In the RAW

22 Aug


“David was very upset, for the men were thinking of stoning him; each man grieved bitterly over his sons and daughters. BUT DAVID DREW STRENGTH FROM THE LORD HIS GOD.”
1 Samuel 30:6

It’s nice when people around you encourage you :)
However, sometimes encouragement from others just doesn’t come our way … Even when we need it most.

Then, there are times (like David experienced) when people just want to kill us … Now that’s a but dramatic but it can feel that way none-the-less.

No matter the situation or circumstance, the challenge for us all, is to find our strength and encouragement STRAIGHT FROM GOD.

No audible voice, no Joyce Meyer podcast, no pep talk from our support network …
But RAW ENCOURAGEMENT and STRENGTH straight from our God … Our source.


David took time to encourage himself and find His strength IN God (for himself), and went on to lead a great victory.

Tap into HIM, for yourself!
(and for your sons and daughters 

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One response to “In the RAW

  1. Bev Gigney

    August 23, 2011 at 08:19

    Good stuff Ben, you always encourage me, these words are so very fitting for me right now… thank you. and Bless you.


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