05 Jul
Laser Vision in Las Vegas

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The VISION and STYLE of the worship team should be birthed out of and serve the vision of the church, and its’ leaders. A department leader may have some autonomy in their area of responsibility/service, however mutual submission cultivates unity and strength. COHESION fulfills the vision and purpose of the ‘body’.

Being in a TEAM:

At home, we are free to play as much as we desire, to fill out the song and make a full sound. In a band however, the more team members you have, the less you may need to play. Otherwise we are left with a wall of sound without dynamic.

We come together as individuals but form a BAND through UNISON. Don’t disappear into your own little world, unawares of what the rest of the band is playing. Have eyes and ears open to what’s going on.

IT’s NOT = an opportunity to be on stage/have an audience. Nor is corporate worship an outlet for a musical hobby.

IT IS = a calling to serve. Musicians are Levites/servants in the house. Their service is not limited to merely areas of sound and music. If we serve with conditions or selfish motive, our Godly reward is often lost.


A team working together, serving one another, serving others and displaying a passion for God. Worshippers in spirit and in truth, who inspire and lead others in their worship of the Lord, 24/7.

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