The cats in the cradle

23 Jun

‘Bastard’ isn’t meant to be a swear word, it describes someone without a father.

The King James version uses the term (in Hebrews 12:8) to describe those who don’t receive correction or discipline. (both key ingredients of discipleship)

Although this passage refers to the spiritual son (or daughters’) attitude / responsibility in RECEIVING correction and discipline …
… it also implies that legitimate fathers OFFER correction and discipline. (again, ingredients of true discipleship)

As the passage tells us … This is how a son is “RECEIVED” and “LOVED” and made “LEGITIMATE” – (both natural and spiritual sons)

To be true fathers, there’s no excuses and no shortcuts. Theories and second-hand lessons won’t cut it. Sons want more from us, they want the real deal.



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2 responses to “The cats in the cradle

  1. Gayle

    June 23, 2011 at 07:53

    The topic of fathers has been coming up all over the place over the past couple of weeks :)
    There is even a segment on Sunrise this morning about Dads…

    Missing you guys. Hope everything is working out well for you and the kids are settling in.

    • Benjamin Clark

      June 23, 2011 at 13:54

      Hey Gayle, great to hear from you and it’s good news that the topic of fathering is current.
      Like the bible tells us, we have innumerable instructors but
      not enough fathers.
      There is an investment and a cost to fathering with diligence and efficacy.
      And it is imperative that the fathers’ heart spreads throughout our land.
      As Christians we have the greatest example to follow – Jehovah God, Jesus, the apostles of the new testament.

      Anyway, there us plenty more to say on this subject and will post in this again tomorrow.

      We are doing well in our ‘new’ land and God us doing amazing things beyond what we could have ever planned.
      Miss you guys too :)
      Say “hi” to Muz and the girls for me.


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