thy kingdom come

12 Apr
Gum tree near Butrint in Albania

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I was blessed over the weekend to spend time in another 'region of the Kingdom'.

Saturday night was @ the Gum Tree Fellowship

(great place you have there :))

… with crew from the GT and E.C.F and T.C  (that is, the Gum Tree, Esperance Christian Family & Teen Challenge) haha

It was an awesome night which focused on the persecuted churches throughout the nations.

Conversations and prayers were focused towards those who are persecuted and martyred for Christ.

And towards us being the people / church who love and serve our Lord faithfully.

Worship then led into words of encouragement and prayer, one for another.

In particular, a spirit of encouragement and impartation from the older guys, into the younger crew who were there.

Praise God, for turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons, and sons to the fathers.


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2 responses to “thy kingdom come

  1. Benjamin Clark

    April 12, 2011 at 12:24

    Youth Church…

    2nd weekend of the month

    See Wazza for details

  2. Wazza

    April 15, 2011 at 23:10

    Had an awesome time; we at the gumtree were so blessed by your ministry. We were also richly blessed by your preaching on Sunday.

    Our next YC (youthCHURCH) will be called “School of Worship” and what we want to know is “When you’re at school, is Jesus still cool?”

    YWAM band 1Flow will be there and we are going to have a blessed time. We will be inspired by Rachael Scott – the American girl who was gun downed for her faith.

    Watch out for details!

    Ps Wazza : – ) >


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