08 Feb
Rainbow Valley

Image by rwangsa via Flickr

LAID LOW (listen)

Dolly Parton said…

“To get the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain”

I’ve never been in the habit of quoting Dolly… but the little lady is right :)

Life is full of seasons and right now (where I am and as I type this) the rain has set in. And I’m enjoying it :)

As much as the rain can restrict or inconvenience some of the things you may want to do, it’s good and serves a wonderful purpose.

Driving the kids to school and praying, we are thanking the Lord for this beautiful and wonderful day. A beautiful day, one that’s worthy of being thankful for and rejoicing in, isn’t just the day with blue skies and temperate weather. A beautiful day is every day the Lord has created and in which we walk with Him :)

The sun isn’t out and there isn’t a rainbow in the sky … but I’ve found one … through the spectrum of THANKS and PRAISE.

Thank you Lord for the rain in our rainwater tank (which we need and love).

Thank you for the rain on our gardens (which it needs – and now I don’t have to water it).

Thank you that you are with us always, no matter where, no matter when.

I praise you for WHO you are and ALL you do!!!

RED – Thank you for our Salvation, found in Christ alone – O His precious blood.

ORANGE – You are our perpetual light and life – son of God, son of man.

YELLOW – You are our joy and strength in every day!

GREEN – You are the author and sustainer of all life.

BLUE – Your Holy Spirit dwells in us, praise the Lord!

INDIGO – The depths of our God are unfathomable – “deep cries unto deep”

VIOLETJesus, you are the King of Kings! Praise be to your name!

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