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Disney - Disney's Animal Kingdom - Tree of Life

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TREE OF LIFE (listen)

Psalm 1 tells us…

Blessed is the man that…”


“… WALKS not in the counsel of the ungodly,”

Walking is MOVING FORWARD with a PURPOSE and DESTINATION in mind. FORWARD MOMENTUM is vital for spiritual life and growth. If we are stagnant we will lose ground (backslide). Seeking and following the COUNSEL of the Holy Spirit ensures we WALK in the BLESSING of God.

“… (nor) STANDS in the way of sinners,”

To STAND for any length of time, our feet must be on a FIRM FOUNDATION. Stability comes from the ground up. Saints STAND on the Rock of Jesus Christ, sinners stand on shaky ground. Be careful WHERE , HOW and with WHOM you STANDI heard it said recently, that “people affect our lives more than God.” In many lives I’ve seen this to be true.

“… (nor) SITS in the seat of the scornful.”

SITTING is a posture of COMFORT and REST. In a busy and turbulent world it is often difficult to find either of these. The Word tells us to “strive/labour to enter into the rest”. This requires us to cease from our own works and rest in the perfect, finished work of Christ.

It’s a bit like packing the 4WD and camper, driving beyond civilisation and creature comforts, and setting up camp for the week. A lot of time and effort is required to get to that place but once the SIMPLICITY OF LIFE kicks in, along with the APPRECIATION OF GOD in His creation … ahhhh … how’s the serenity? There is great rest found SITTING in the camp chair… with GOOD COMPANY. All this would be ruined in the company of scornful people. If your going to SIT and find REST, do it in the company of the righteous and make QUALITY TIME to SIT with the Lord. SITTING is ABIDING.

“… (But his) DELIGHT is in the law of the LORD;”

“man does not live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God.” There are many things in this world which can distract, amuse, entertain, bemuse, enlighten, confuse … take our time, energy, money, passion, praise … BUT nothing satisfies like the Word of God. It/He is our daily bread. Keep it/Him in proper perspective. To DELIGHT is to take PLEASURE in, DESIRE and LONG for,

“(and in his law doth he) MEDITATE day and night.”

Have you read God’s Word and felt like ‘hooting’ or shouting, for the  JOY and REVELATION the Holy Spirit brings to you? Part of the meaning of the word MEDITATE, is to ROAR, GROWL or GROAN, like a lion over its prey. Like something VALUABLE has been attained, something that will SATISFY the HUNGER. DEVOUR Gods Word and it will SUSTAIN.

MEDITATING also requires a response or out working. It means to UTTER, MUTTER or SPEAK as a result of our MUSING and IMAGINING.

MEDITATION upon the Word of God will cause letters on a page to become WORDS upon our lips and REALITY in our lives.



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  1. cindy1980

    February 8, 2011 at 12:23

    Thnx ben!


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