vantage point |ˈvantij point|

n. a position or place that affords a wide perspective.

   ATOMIC WEDGIE – Ben Clark

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We are all in a fight at some time in our lives – in some way, shape or form we face battles and challenges.

We mustn’t be ignorant of the enemies schemes.

He wants to get us down, shame us and immobilise us.

But we have the victory as we stand in Christ Jesus

When I was growing up (and yes I still am growing up), I had a ‘killer’ head-lock.

I’d like to think I still have it but admittedly the opportunities to test this theory are rare these days. It’s slightly unbecoming of a grown (yet still maturing) man to head-lock people. My wife doesn’t appreciate it and if I try it on one of my 3 boys, they’ll all gang up on me and take me down. However, one thing is certain, if push comes to shove and I’m in a situation where I must defend myself, the head-lock and/or atomic wedgie will come out of the box (just ask the youth group boys). I digress…

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a fight. For one reason or another … we may have started it or perhaps someone else started it. Sometimes we fight for a cause we believe in and other times just for the heck of it. Sometimes we fight because our insecurities and fears, or our confidence in ourselves. Our fights can be physical, relational, spiritual, emotional or mental.

At some stage, in some way, we are going to be in a fight… with ourselves, with someone else, with the enemy… with God?

“Fight the good fight of FAITH”

What’s a good fight? One that we win :)

For the full message, check out The HEAD-LOCK KING (Forsaking All To Follow Christ)



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